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U Plearn Place


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U Plearn Place: Central dorm living, minutes from Chiang Mai University, close to shops, markets, dining. All conveniences, no extra fees.

U Plearn Place in Chiang Mai offers a tranquil retreat for travelers and long-term residents with its selection of well-appointed rooms. Each space is designed for comfort, featuring modern amenities and tasteful decor to ensure a pleasant stay. This accommodation provides an array of facilities including Wi-Fi, on-site parking, and attentive service. Located within easy reach of Chiang Mai's bustling city center, guests can enjoy the local culture, dining, and shopping experiences. U Plearn Place combines convenience with serenity, making it a popular choice for those seeking a relaxed atmosphere within the vibrant setting of Chiang Mai.

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Small Room 3800 .- Large Room 5000.-

U Plearn Place

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