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The Greenery Landmark


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Enjoy comfortable living at Greenery Landmark Service Apartments near Nimman Road, with amenities and maintenance included, starting at 5,500 baht/month, close to key attractions and facilities.

"Greenery Landmark Service Apartments, located near Nimman Road, offer fully furnished rooms for rent starting at 5,500 baht per month. The property is conveniently accessible, situated near the Superhighway, with easy access to Nimman Road, Maya Shopping Mall, Doi Suthep, and the airport. The complex provides ample parking space. Additionally, residents can enjoy free access to fitness facilities and swimming pools. The property offers professional maintenance services, including free repairs, air conditioner cleaning, and light bulb replacement. There are no additional common area fees."

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Starting from 6,000 baht per month. Lower rates available for longer term contracts.

The Greenery Landmark

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