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PT Residences, located in Chiang Mai's Nimman area, offers recently renovated rooms with a variety of types to fit budgets. Amenities include free parking, high-speed WiFi, airport transportation, shuttle services, and kitchenettes in rooms​.

PT Residences in Chiang Mai is situated in the elegant Nimman neighborhood, known for its vibrant cafes, art galleries, bars, and restaurants. The building's location ensures a peaceful stay despite its proximity to lively areas. Catering to different budgets, the residence offers a variety of recently renovated room types, each equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable stay. Guests benefit from conveniences such as free parking, high-speed internet (WiFi), airport transportation, and shuttle bus service. The rooms feature kitchenettes, and the property offers suites for those seeking more spacious accommodations. This makes PT Residences an ideal choice for travelers seeking both comfort and accessibility in Chiang Mai.

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PT Residence

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