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Himku Hotel

Old City

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Himku Hotel, near Chiang Mai's Thapae Gate, offers a boutique experience with 16 rooms featuring reclaimed materials, providing free WiFi, parking, and breakfast.

Himku Hotel, a newly established boutique hotel, is conveniently located steps away from Thapae Gate, the historical entrance to Chiang Mai's old city. This unique hotel stands out for its extensive use of reclaimed and recycled materials such as teak wood, wrought iron, and tiles, emphasizing eco-friendliness and aesthetic charm. With just 16 rooms, it promises a personal and welcoming experience for its guests. Himku Hotel ensures a comfortable stay with amenities like complimentary high-speed internet (WiFi), free parking, and included breakfast. This combination of location, sustainability, and comfort makes Himku Hotel an appealing choice for travelers in Chiang Mai

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Himku Hotel

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