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Four O'clock Hotel


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Four O'clock Hotel blends modern boutique comfort with a Japanese flair in downtown Chiang Mai, offering amenities like coworking space access and optional motorbike rental.

Four O'clock Hotel in Chiang Mai offers monthly rental options tailored for guests seeking extended stays. This hotel provides a range of accommodations from standard rooms to suites, each equipped with essential amenities for comfort and convenience. Nestled in a serene location, yet close to the city's cultural and commercial hubs, it is an ideal choice for long-term visitors. With competitive rates, the hotel features facilities such as fully furnished rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, and on-site laundry services. The tranquil ambiance combined with the ease of a monthly rental scheme makes Four O'clock Hotel a practical option for travelers or expatriates.

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Condition for prices - Water, electricity and 24 hrs access to Hub53 coworking space are inclusive - No maid service - The maid service is 300 baht per day. - Motorbike rental can be provided upon request. The rental fee is 2,500 baht per month.

Four O'clock Hotel

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