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Baan Nai-Lek


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Baan Nai-Lek offers cozy living with its air-conditioned, fully furnished one-bedroom and one-bathroom units, complete with parking.

Baan Nai-Lek, located in Chiang Mai, offers a homely atmosphere with its air-conditioned and fully furnished one-bedroom units. Each apartment is thoughtfully designed to include a living room, ensuring a spacious feel. The monthly rental fee is set at 8,000 baht, with additional charges for utilities—200 baht for water and 7 baht per unit for electricity. A 5,000 baht security deposit is also part of the rental agreement. The inclusion of a private parking space adds to the convenience for residents. Baan Nai-Lek is an excellent choice for those seeking comfortable and cost-effective accommodation in Chiang Mai.

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The room features: - 1 bedroom - 1 living room - Air conditioning - Fully furnished - 1 Parking

Baan Nai-Lek

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